Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hi darlings!
Since I'm in Thailand but want to keep my blog updated, I scheduled this Instagram post for you.
1. Wearing some red lipstick, don't know if I can get used to it though!
2. Shopping in Oberhaussen with my sweetie.
3. Wearing my new Primark dress. Do you like it?
4. A couple of days ago packing my bags.. uh.. bikinis. ;)
5. Love my new Gina Tricot shorts! Great color & fit.
6. Bought this present for my boyfriend who turned 22 years old last week. He <3s it!
7. Wearing Kenzaa's jumpsuit, great for summer!
8. Yummy frozen yoghurt in Germany. (can you see my oreo addiction? hehehe)
9. I love this gilet from Gina Tricot, didn't buy it because I thought it was a little expensive for a
 summer jacket. Still wanted to share it with you though!
For more pictures you should check my Instagram: Stephsa :-)
Have a lovely day my sweet readers xx


  1. Hoi Steph,

    Ik ga toch eens reageren hier hihi. Rode lippen mooi! Nieuwe Primark dress, super! Je bikini's, veel!!! en de short, goeie combi! Super, ga zo door! Ik vind het leuk!!!

    Geniet nog even met je boy!! Kusje van Lijn

  2. awesome photos!


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  3. Leuke bikini's! Ik vind dit één van de leukste post van jouw, naast je outfits dan. :)

  4. Die rode lippenstift staat je prachtig!!
    Heb dit jurkje overgekocht van iemand op mp, vind het zo mooi!
    dikke zoen

  5. Gaaaaf :) leuke foto's .. :) xx

  6. beautiful pics.! join this site and invite you on my blog, kiss :)

  7. Gave foto's en ohh wat heb jij veel bikini's! Liefs.x

  8. Wat een leuke jurk van de Primark, staat je goed!

  9. Oh men ik wil zo graag zon Go Pro camera. Jammer dat die 300 eurootjes kost :-(

    Lipstick staat mooi!

  10. Leuke foto's! Wat heb je een geweldig biker jacket!

  11. love all the pictures !!
    could i ask u how u manage to do the photos appear as per this post pls ? thks xx