Monday, June 4, 2012


1. My fringe top <3
2. My love send me this picture yesterday. So cool! How huge is that tiger?!
3. Arm candy: Michael Kors watch & a skulls bracelet.
4. In a changing room, wearing my new blouse. It has very cute beads and collar tips.
5. Love the beach!
6. At work. Wearing a Bavaria V-dress by Spijkers & Spijkers.
7. Says enough, right?
8. Yesterdays outfit, loving that studded Bershka clutch.
9. My sneaker wedges who are 24/7 on my feet now. Hihi.

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Tomorrow I'll be back with an outfit post again, stay tuned!

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  1. Leuke foto's! Is die foto van je vriend in Thailand? Komt me bekend voor!
    Jullie gaan elkaar in Thailand zeker meeten :-)


    1. Jup, die is in Thailand genomen! En daar ga ik 'm inderdaad ook meeten, maar daarna gaat hij weer lekker mee naar Nederland :D

    2. Grappig, dan weet ik wel waar, tof!
      Fijn dat ie weer meegaat, weer lekker samen!

    3. Hihi wat leuk zeg! Weet jij al waar je heen gaat? Is Aruba al zeker? XX

  2. wat een leuke fotos, vooral die van je vriend met mega grote tijger!

    Travel in Style

  3. Die tijgerfoto : awesome! En je Jeffrey Campbell's!

  4. Super leuke foto's. Die met die tijger, geweldig!

  5. Super gave foto s vooral met de tijger!Ibiza wasweer top!
    10 dagen zon en feestjes!met 33 graden!
    Even wennen weer hier met al die regen !X

  6. Ziet er ut als een goeie week! Helemaal klaar voor het EK zie ik ;-)

    Love Lian -
    Join my skull bracelet give-away

  7. Jij hebt altijd leuke foto's! Wat fijn dat je je vriend weer ziet over drie weken. Thailand is zeker niet verkeerd :-) Je armcandy is ook pretty!

  8. Leuke fotos!

  9. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! I'll gladly follow you from Finland - your blog looks great as well! What lovely photos!

    E from Helsinki

  10. Hele leuke foto's, je sneakers zijn heel leuk en de foto met de tijger vind ik super gaaf! x

  11. love these posts^^ you look stunning as usual and bali looks amazing!

  12. Leuke foto's meid! Die groene top staat je geweldig!

  13. Leuke foto's allemaal, vind jou er altijd zo leuk eruit zien en die tijger, wooww, heel tof!

  14. love your watch, so amazing. nice pics :)


  15. Hey

    I just saw the Tiger picture...
    And I hope this is not the place I think it is, maybe your friend should do some research, before visiting such a place (if it was in thailand, it's the place which I'm thinking of)... I'll tell you more about it:

    These tigers are set on drugs, so they aren't aggressive in front of the visitors. This Tigertemple is a cruel place and not a good thing, as it's comunicated. Tigers are not group animals. They need a lot of space, but in this temple they are in cages which are way to small. There's a systematic physical abuse of the tigers held at the temple.

    Here is a video, may it's interesting for you and your friend...

    Greetings from Switzerland

    1. Here's another video...
      please watch it and tell people about it.
      This place exists just because of tourists, and their money...