oneeMorning beauties! I’m off to Germany for some shopping, yay! I’m visiting CentrO today, this is a biiiig mall in Oberhausen. My fellow Dutchies have probably been here before :) They have stores like Zara, Hollister, Kiko, Pull & Bear, American Apparel and lots more! I’m excited!
Ps: we took this photo yesterday evening and since it was already kind of dark while shooting, I’m now able to upload only one clear picture.. Mweh. Sorry guys! Hope you have a lovely day! Xxx

What I wore:


DSC_0233Happy Monday! September is getting close which means that school is also coming closer. Oh oh! I’m looking forward to school, but I honestly think this is just a side effect of having so much free time.. When I actually go to school after a few months, I’ll probably be like “I can’t wait for school to end” Haha!
I’m still not 100 percent sure what I should study though… Last year I studied ‘Fashion Styling’ – a part-time bachelor degree which will take me 3 years to graduate. But even though I successfully passed the first year, I’m now in a doubt whether I should continue this study. I’m thinking about switching to ‘Media, Information & Communication’, also a bachelor degree but this study is full-time. Decisions decisions.. So hard! I’m really curious what do/did YOU study? Am I the only one who has a hard time choosing the right study?? Please let me know guys.. Xxxx

Jacket and faux leather pants – H&M / Shirt – Zara / Shoes – Windsor / Bag – A little boutique in Amsterdam


The first iPhone-Friday was a fail (sorry guys!), but I’m making it up to you: Picture-Saturday! Hehe :) Here are some pictures I shot with my iPhone last week:
^ My love and I went on a canal cruise yesterday! Sailing through the canals of Amsterdam and learning about this city’s history made me feel like a super-tourist, but it was really fun!! :)
^ Ready for some shopping! This is the outfit I wore today and it is seriously so comfortable (loose pants, comfy sneakers and a loose shirt – how comfy can it get?!) I think I might live in it for the next week… And I’m not even kidding… :p
^ One of the shops I visited today is the Marc Jacobs tweet shop. Such a cool concept! By tweeting a picture and hashtagging the shop on Twitter, you receive a little gift: I received this perfume bottle. Mmmh!
^ The Albert Cuyp Market is right around the corner of my house and I visit it almost every day! I usually get some fresh fruit and veggies, but sometimes I get the total opposite.. I’m talking about heaven on earth: a sugar waffle with melted chocolate and whipped cream. YUH-UM!
^ This picture isn’t taken last week, but I wanted to share it with you anyway! My sister is now almost 9 months pregnant (SO EXCITING) and on this picture she was about 5 months pregnant. We’re kissing my little niece (daughter of my brother) and she is the sweetest little girl ever! Her name is Ivy and she is 2 years old, her big brother, called Dean, is 4 years old and they’re expecting a little brother/sister this winter. Also, very exciting! :D
^ My mom and I organized my sisters baby shower last week! It was very difficult to keep a secret but we managed to do it anyway! The baby shower was so much fun and my sister really was surprised. Mission accomplished!
^ Talking about somethin’ else: I bought a new curling iron to create these loose mermaid(ish)? curls. What do you think of it?

This was it ladies! Please let me know if you enjoyed this post and if I should make this a weekly thing(or not). Enjoy your Saturday evening lovelies! XXXX


Sometimes I go through pictures on my phone and think “wow i wish it was this day again” or  “ah this was so much fun” and I think we can all relate to that feeling. Whenever the ‘storage is almost full’ message pops up I tend to ignore it because I don’t want to delete my photo’s. I mean.. Who wants to delete their precious photos?!? Nobody. So from tomorrow on I’ll share my iPhone pictures on a weekly basis. Every Friday will be iPhone-Friday and I will share my mobile pictures with you! (and those won’t be the ones I already posted on my Instagram – because most of you have probably already seen those!)
On a different note: I don’t know about you guys, but if you ask me, the ultimate solution to a bad hair day is to wear a hair donut.  So that’s what I did yesterday! Hope you like my look. KISS!

What I wore:


DSC_0141 DSC_0130 DSC_0136
Blouse – H&M / Skirt and shoes – Zara / Sunnies – River Island 

Morning beautiful people! This is the outfit I wore yesterday. I started off the week with a boho-chic look. Is that the right term? I think so. I love to wear boho-ish outfits during summer, it gives me a bit of an Ibiza feeling!
What do you think of the location we shot this look? I adore it! When looking for a location to take outfit pictures we always drive around the city, without having a certain place in mind. My boyfriend then often sees/visualizes a nice spot that I didn’t even notice.. Super handy :) Hope you like the pictures too!

Ps: I’ve heard that there are some problems with commenting on my posts. Ahh, I hate to hear that! I’m working on solving the problem. Kisses!

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