Sunday, September 1, 2013


(it just felt wrong not posting this one haha..)

Hellooo lovelies!
Here's an outfit I wore a few days ago. Since I knew I would be busy all weekend, I scheduled this one for you. I think this is the last outfit here on Blogspot, since I'm switching back to Wordpress ( tomorrow. But I'll make sure to inform you if that actually happens!
Anyway, I've had the BEST time yesterday. We danced all day, I met new people, laughed a lot and danced some more. I expected my feet to be dead right now, but they're doing fine. Pfuu, I'm very thankful for that, since they have to dance all day again today.. #firstworldproblems ;) I woke up with all of my best friends this morning, had a good breakfast & now we're making us ready for the next party. Hope you'll have a great weekend, just like mine! Xxx

Jacktet - Pimkie / Top - Monki / Skirt - Zara / Bag - My mom's

Friday, August 30, 2013


1. I miss Ibiza! This was such a beautiful spot <3
2. This car was parked a few houses next to my bf's house, I of course needed to take a picture of it!
3. My temporary tattoo from the Krantenkapper. Perfect for a festival, or in my case, a day at the beach.
4. Last week I went out for dinner with my best friend, this is what I wore :-)

You can follow me here. Have a great Friday lovelies! Xxx

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Yesterday I wore my new denim shorts which I received many compliments about! They're so cute and they fit perfectly :-) I love the little detail on the left pocket!
My vacation is almost over so I need to enjoy my spare time to the fullest! I'm spending these last few days chilling on the balcony, reading magazines and listening to some music. This Saturday I'm going to a huge music festival in Amsterdam, will have a sleep over at my apartment over there with all of my best friends and the next day we'll go to a little festival nearby our hometown. Yes, we make sure to end our summer vacay the best way possible! And then normal life is about to start again..

Top - New Look / Shorts - Paris2Day / Sunglasses - Primark / Watch - Michael Kors / Shoes - Zara

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Ooh! I'm totally in love with leather these days! Even though it's kind of hot in Holland, I love to wear leather shorts, leather peplums or even a leather jacket. What can I say? My love for leather goes beyond the weather, haha..
I've got something really cool to tell you! My sister, mom & me were in town for lunch last week, and during lunch we talked a lot about our trip to New York last year. We all enjoyed NYC so much, that we want to go back very badly. So after lunch we went to a travel agency and looked at our options. We didn't book anything yet, but we probably will soon.. I'm so excited, I can't wait to visit New York this winter again!

Blouse and belt - H&M / Shorts and shoes - Zara / Bag - Ebay

Friday, August 23, 2013


Spending the day at the beach.. Here's yesterdays outfit. Talk to you soon xx

Cropped sweater (?) - River Island / Skirt - Bershka / Sneakers - Nike Air Max / Rings and bag - H&M


I've had a fab day yesterday! First, I went out for brunch with my mom and sis at a cozy little restaurant and later on I went out for dinner at a delicious tapas bar with my boyfriend and his family. I'd better not get used to days like these! Haha.
My boyfriend called the outfit I wore a back-to-school outfit, you know, because of the skirt and the patterned shirt. So, if you're looking for inspiration for when you're going back to school... Here you go. But maybe you should go for a slightly longer skirt and a different pair of shoes hehe :-)

Shirt - Zara / Skirt - Zara / Shoes - Suprise suprise... Zara.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I'm sure you didn't miss the memo: lace up heels are HOT these days! :-) I've collected my favorite outfits for you to see how you can combine them best. Number 1 and 3 are my favorite favorites ;) I love how these heels look when someone wears them with a skirt, very feminine. I ordered mine last week, so I hope I can show you them anytime soon! Stay tuned ladies, I also will tell you wear you can buy similar shoes  xxxx

Monday, August 19, 2013


If you follow other Dutch fashion blogs, you'll see a lot ladies wearing shorts and other summer clothes. The other half, in opposite, will wear autumn clothing. That's exactly how the weather has been lately. Not cold, not warm, just a little complicated. Anyway, I wore an outfit I can easily wear during fall. I'm actually a little excited for autumn.. Don't get me wrong, I love summer! I've just seen so many beautiful autumn collections that I can't wait, haha! Please don't hate me for that ;)
Have a great night and I'll be back soon! Xxx

Jacket - Primark / Shirt and earrings - H&M / Pants and shoes - Zara / Watch - DKNY

Saturday, August 17, 2013


As you may noticed, my hair isn't perfectly styled lately. Since I dyed my hair twice in a short period of time, I think it's best that I'm giving it some rest. I don't straighten, curl and blow dry it. After I wash my hair, I put it in a ponytail or bun and let it dry (yes, this takes hooouurs, so I often wash it in the evening and let it dry during the night!) I'm going to buy some coconut oil tomorrow and give my hair a little treatment. Hopefully this all works, I'll keep you updated! :-)
Do you have any plans for tonight? Even though it's Saturday, I'm already in my PJ's, watching Geordie Shore before I'm going to bed. I hope you'll all have a great night sweeties xxx

Faux leather jacket - Pimkie / Blouse - H&M / Pants - Motel Rocks / Shoes - Nike Air Max

Friday, August 16, 2013


Wohoo, it seems like summer is still present in Hollandia! I've been enjoying the sun all day; laying on the balcony, some shopping in town & now I'm about to go out for dinner (on the terrace!) with my best friend. She's leaving to Asia and Australia this winter and I'm very jealous! But at the same time I'm a little bit sad, I can't imagine not seeing her for a couple of months.. Oh well, let's look at the bright side: I'll probably visit her and that's going to be a lot of fun! :D

Enjoy your Friday sweeties!

Top - Chicnova / Shorts - Bershka / Bag - Market in Thailand / Shoes - Zara

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Good evening sweeties!
Just a really quick post, since I'm in a hurry.. This is what I wore today. I bought these Nike Air Max in sale yesterday, they walk so comfy!
I'm now at my best friends house and we are preparing for a fun night out. I'm changing my pants into a skirt and my Nikes for a pair of heels. It just doesn't feel right to party on Nikes haha!
Enjoy your evening and for all of you who are in bed already: nighty night! Kisses

Shirt - Forever 21 / Pants - Zara / Shoes - Nike

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Last night I snuggled up in my bed and watched my favorite YouTube beauty vloggers. (If any of you have a YT channel, please tell me, I would love to watch it!) After seeing all kinds of make up tutorials, I felt very inspired & decided to wear smokey eyes today. Or how do you even say that? Wear smokey eyes? Do smokey eyes? Have smokey eyes? Haha.. I think my point is clear! So when I finished my make up this morning and came downstairs, my boyfriend was like 'wow Steph, to which party are you going?' Haha.. I totally agree with him, a look like this is only for special occasions, but I just had to try it out! :-)

Top - Bershka / Pants and shoes - Zara / Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Here are some pretty pictures that I want to share with you. I just love these kind of pictures. Really feminine, which forms -as you know- the base of my style as well!
What I also want to share with you, is my gratitude. ♡ I'm really thankful for all of you who read my blog daily and for all the sweet comments I receive! I'm so lucky that I can share my love for fashion with such a large public. 
I will make some outfit pictures later today, stay tuned! X

Monday, August 12, 2013


Hi everyone! I know I didn't blog that much last week. As you all know my boyfriend just got home from a 2 week surf trip so I was a little bit busy ;) New week, new day, fresh start! I will definitely post something everyday of this week. Pinky swear! :)
In already less than a month, my new school will start. I've never told this on my blog (or actually any social media) before, but I quitted the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. I won't get into further details, it was just not my thing. I will start with the Vogue Academy this September. Here I will study Fashion Styling and will get my BA in 2 or 3 years. I'm very excited!! Okay, enough school talk. Time for some breakfast and after that I will go shopping! Have a great day! Kisses

Sweater - Pimkie / Skirt - H&M / Shoes - Hippe Schoenen (Louboutin Knock Off) / Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hello lovely readers!
How is your weekend so far? I'm enjoying it with my family. I went to the park with my little nephew and niece. We fed some ducks and drank some chocolate milk. Now we're preparing the BBQ for a nice diner. Or actually, the men are preparing the BBQ ;) You know how it goes! Afterwards I'm going to town for some drinks with my friend. Hopefully your weekend is as fun as mine! Xxx

Skirt - Paris2Day / Shirt - Zara / Shoes - Le Ballon / Sunglasses - RayBan

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I looove to combine a black & white outfit with a touch of red. It makes an outfit look a little more interesting if you ask me. In this case, not only my shoes are red, but also my lips and nails. Talking about matchy matchy!
Tonight I'm going out for diner with my family. I think I will switch my leather shorts for leather pants and my heels for a pair of Nikes. It's impossible to walk on heels in the city that I live in. The streets are paved with paving bricks which are not exactly convenient. Definitely a man who decided on that ;) After our diner, my boyfriend & I will go to the movies. 'Now you see me' is the one we're going to watch! Did anybody watch that movie? I heard a lot of good stories about it, so I'm excited!!

Top - Celine knock off (Ebay) / Faux leather shorts - Zara / Shoes - New Look / Belt - H&M 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


After partying all weekend, I decided to keep a quiet day yesterday. I turned into granny Steph ;) Nonetheless, I did make some outfit pictures. I wore my new Paris2Day skirt, which is proof that comfy sometimes can look very chique! The top is from Primark, which only costed me like 2 euros. One of my best & cheapest buys this summer! When I wear this, it happens frequently that people ask me where it's from. I think it's already sold out though, because I bought it about 2 months ago.. But I'm sure there's a good DIY tutorial somewhere on the internet on how you can cut your own shirt into a cropped top like mine :-). It was my luck that I've won the bag and sunglasses. 

My boyfriend called me yesterday and told me that he's coming back from his surf trip earlier than planned, so I sure felt like one lucky lady! He came back early this morning when I still was asleep & now he's the one that's sleeping, so I think I'm going to make him some breakfast and then wake him up. 

Top - Primark / Skirt - Paris2Day / Shoes - Zara / Watch - Michael Kors 

Monday, August 5, 2013


Hi lovelies!
I've had a pretty amazing weekend. I hope you did too! Here are some (iPhone, excusez-moi) pictures:
1. SATURDAY = Dance Valley Festival! We took pictures for about 2-3 hours and then it was time to paaaarty. This was one of the 9 stages, it was sooo big & so crowded!
2. Me and Lise! Do you see the Nikon strap around my neck? That's proof of all the hard work we did ;) 
 3. The most delicious ice cream EVER! It was expensive though (€7,50 whooa) but it was totally worth our money. 
4. Pretty freaking crowded you see! I've never seen so many people all together in one place haha!
5. SUNDAY = Bloomingdale. We took this picture right before we went to the beach. I wore an all Primark attire & Converse Shoes. 
6. Dutch beaches aren't that bad at all! We did some drinks at a beach bar, talked a lot & enjoyed the sun.
7. Around 5 o'clock we went to a beach party. With the sun shining so bright, the beautiful see on the background, a clear blue sky and palm tree's everywhere, it felt like we were in a complete different country!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hi sweeties! I'm having a busy but very fun weekend ahead! Today I'm 'working' at a music festival called Dance Valley. My best friend is joining me & we will make pictures of the visitors. We will do this in the afternoon and after that we're aloud to partyyyy. Tomorrow we're going to a beach party, which I'm also very excited for. I will post an outfit again on Monday!
Btw: This is the last post Ibiza-related before my Ibiza guide. This will be up on my blog next week!

Bikini - River Island / Sunnies and necklace - Primark