boohoo1 boohoo2 boohoo3September the first, that means only one month till The Vampire Diaries returns! YES! Is it bad that I think like this?!? It probably is. Haha! September also means getting back to school, welcoming Fall, starting to buy warm winter clothes and all of that autumnal stuff. Personally, I really like September. My dad is visiting us this month, my brother’s birthday is coming up and my sister is expecting a baby boy very soon (maybe even this week! :D!). So yes, I’m excited for you September!
By the way: what do you think of my new shoes? I think you’ll either love them or hate them, but I definitely love them! Bye bye guys 

What I wore:



Goood evening! I just want to let you know that I still am alive. Although lately my blog wasn’t really up & running, I certainly was! I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff, which I’ll tell you all about in my ‘iPhone-Friday’ post this upcoming Friday. I’ve made several mobile pictures to keep you guys updated so I hope that compensates my not-blogging-for-a-week a bit! From tomorrow on I’ll blog daily again. Thanks for your patience sweeties! Good night  ❤

Blazer and shirt – Zara / Pants – H&M / Sneakers – River Island



Morning beauties! How are you spending this Sunday? I’m on my way to my brother, I’m spending the day with my nephew & niece :) Yesterday my family came to Amsterdam and we went to the city and I.. found.. the… perfect… jeans! Finding the perfect skinny jeans can be somewhat hard, due to the fact that there are millions to choose from. I mean, you have find the right fit, the perfect stretch content, the correct rise height, the appropriate leg length and it has to have a nice wash as well, so YES, this can be very overwhelming and some people struggle with it. (even I do sometimes!) But I think I’ve found a perfect pair of jeans! I bought mine at Topshop, so for all the ladies who are still looking for the perfect pair.. Go have a look there!

What I wore:


looks2look3looks1August is coming to an end and autumn is just around the corner. Most of you will probably be bit sad that we have to say goodbye to summer, but I’m actually looking forward to fall! Fall is my favorite season. The first reason why I love fall is the clothing! I’m talking about those big snugly sweaters, a lot of layers, warm coats and of course the cold weather accessories like hats & scarves. The second reason why I looove fall is the nature and it’s pretty colors. The leaves are gorgeous fluttering to the ground and the changing of the leaves looks great on the background of my outfit pics hehe :) And last but not least, fall stands for Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yes, I’m talking about the one from Starbucks. It’s like autumn in your mouth, haha! You definitely have to try some once Starbucks starts serving them again. So, are you as excited about fall as I am? I’m curious! Oh, and let me know your favorite look! KISSES AND GOOD NIGHT! Xxx


oneeMorning beauties! I’m off to Germany for some shopping, yay! I’m visiting CentrO today, this is a biiiig mall in Oberhausen. My fellow Dutchies have probably been here before :) They have stores like Zara, Hollister, Kiko, Pull & Bear, American Apparel and lots more! I’m excited!
Ps: we took this photo yesterday evening and since it was already kind of dark while shooting, I’m now able to upload only one clear picture.. Mweh. Sorry guys! Hope you have a lovely day! Xxx

What I wore: